My trip with you was a very positive force in my life.  I cannot tell you how many times I have thought about our time together in the woods.  You really helped me get in touch with spirituality in ways that my church never did. 

Thank you!

Mike B (Lowe Lake '2005) 

Dear Howard,

Thank you for reminding me that Judaism comes in many different forms, but none of them are too large to carry along with you in your back pocket where you are.

Ariela (Gann Academy '92)


Thank you!  I had a wonderful, extraordinary, extremely fun time hiking and paddling.  It's been an amazing 3 days!  Thank you so much for preparing me for my bat mitzvah and for educating me on the environment and how it relates to Judaism.  Thank you so much!  Rita (7/2012)

It was a magical three days of outdoor fun. We are grateful to you for imbuing it with a sense of Jewish values both for the environment and for our fellow man.  We both leave this trip with much to think about -prayer and our belief in God and much more.

Victoria (7/2012)


Today was the fourth day of our trip and definitely the best! Being out in the woods is peaceful and rejuvenating.  Thank you so much Howard for exposing us backpacking experience and for constantly challenging us -intellectually and physically.  It was an incredible trip and it's fair to say that every camper has grown and learned!


Sarah (7/2012) Camp Ramah


Dear Rabbi Howard,

Thank you so much for this wonderful
experience.  You integrated Judaism into
nature so well and added a whole new
dimension onto the trip.

Adam (Gann Academy '92)

Dear Rabbi,

Thank you so much for 
providing me with an experience
that allowed me to discover
so much about myself.

Leora (Gann Academy '92)

 Dear Howard,

Thanks to you and Burning Bush Adventures my kids and I have enjoyed some of the richest time together. Our time with you paddling and mushing dogs helped us come together as a family and helped turned our kids bar and bat mitzahs into really special and meaningful religious experiences.  With your help they become powerful, spiritual rites of passage for all of us!


Paul, Karen, Hannah, Zack, Ilana

(Lowes Lake 2002, Dog sledding 2003 & 2005)

Howard, as I wait for my flight back to Atlanta I am aware of how grateful I am for the amazing opportunity to spend time with you this past Shabbat and with the dogs. I hope there will be more adventures. Thanks for arranging the dogsledding experience and for the snow storm!

Rabbi Josh (clergy trip '11)