Judaism Outdoors: Burning Bush Adventures


ומדבר מתנה

From Wilderness, a gift

(Numbers 21.8)

Canoeing Trips 

27 - 29 Adirondacks, NY
  3-  6 Adirondacks, NY
10-13 Adirondacks, NY
17-20 Adirondacks, NY
21-24 Lake Champlain, with Tiferet Trail (teens)
31-2 Adirondacks
  7-10 Adirondacks, NY with Renewal in the Wilderness
28-31 Adirondacks, NY
5-7 Adirondacks, NY
Looking for something outdoorsy but not necessarily into camping? Check out my friends at Greener Travel.  They offer a variety of trips.  These trips are for young Jewish professionals (25 - 45):
Trinidad & Tobago - September 12 - 21                                                         Alaska  Adventure - June 28 - July 6                                                       Costa Rica Experience - August 1-10
Tell them Howard sent you!


 It was a magical three days of outdoor fun. We are grateful to you for imbuing it with a sense of Jewish values both for the environment and for our fellow man.  We both leave this trip with much to think about -prayer and our belief in God and much more.
Victoria (7/2012)

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